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isce switchgear online monitoring and diagnosis system

1. overview
the on-line monitoring and expert diagnosis system of switchgear based on power internet of things, big data, cloud computing and other comprehensive technologies aims at the monitoring blind area existing in the operation and maintenance of high-voltage equipment in switching station (switchgear station), and realizes the on-line, all-round, full life cycle comprehensive monitoring, measurement, control, analysis, diagnosis, etc. of the equipment by using artificial intelligence cognitive technology. isce switch expert diagnosis system is based on the method and model of equipment condition monitoring and evaluation diagnosis based on multi-dimensional data. it provides users with real intelligent self-test from environment to system to equipment, realizes real unattended and improves the operation life of equipment.
2. main functions
real time monitoring of distribution equipment status
monitoring and analysis of mechanical characteristics of circuit breaker
one key programmed operation control of high voltage cabinet
operation environment monitoring of switching station
real time online video monitoring
operation state evaluation of switchgear equipment
operation state evaluation of circuit breaker
data exchange and connection with other management systems
3. application field
substations and switching stations for power grid, petrochemical industry, power plant, metallurgy, steel, paper and other occasions; switching stations and distribution stations for large hospitals, high-end hotels, high-end office buildings, large commercial centers and other occasions.


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