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isce-ems comprehensive energy management system

1. overview
the system adopts the design of the internet plus distribution monitor system, and realizes the collection of raw data through various intelligent devices on the spot. the embedded intelligent gateway is used as the communication node, and the software functions of various functions such as power service, load monitoring, data analysis, environmental monitoring, equipment management, and power management are displayed, and the core of the data is cloud computing, which realizes the power of the whole system. comprehensive monitoring and management of core objects such as data, energy data, equipment working condition, operation environment, abnormal alarm, etc. through local or remote web or special app mode, provide 7 * 24 real-time monitoring, fault alarm, repair scheduling, equipment patrol inspection, video monitoring, statistical analysis and other in-depth businesses, so that users can use energy more safely, reliably and economically.
2. features
power digital integrated operation and maintenance management platform based on "internet of things big data cloud computing"
visual monitoring based on geographic information
industry standard encryption algorithm to ensure data security
b / s architecture, cross platform design
component software technology to ensure system stability
visual online monitoring of equipment operation
unique functions of intranet app and internet app
3. application field
integrated remote monitoring, intelligent operation and maintenance, power distribution equipment custody, power distribution equipment transformation, annual inspection, emergency repair and other services for trans regional or regional, centralized or decentralized power transformation and distribution equipment such as industrial park, development zone, comprehensive group, residential quarter, factory, etc.


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