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isce-ef electric fire control system

1. overview
isce-ef electric fire control system meets all requirements of gb14287-2014 new national standard. the system consists of electrical fire monitoring host, combined electrical fire detector, zero sequence current transformer, temperature probe, etc. it is mainly used in 0.4kv low-voltage distribution system. isce-ef is used to monitor the residual current, temperature and other important parameters of low-voltage circuit. if the monitored residual current and temperature exceed the alarm set value, the system will send out sound and light alarm signal (on-site and fire duty center) in time within the set time to remind the personnel on duty to deal with it in time, eliminate the hidden danger of electrical fire and prevent the occurrence of electrical fire.
2. main functions
real time monitoring of leakage current
real time temperature monitoring
status information monitoring
on site voice and sound light alarm
voice and sound light alarm in the control room
linkage control with fire fighting system
query and print alarm records, operation records, etc
system self inspection, user management, etc
3. application field
electrical fire monitoring in large shopping malls, soho, hotels, office buildings, public buildings, hospitals, schools, industrial and mining enterprises and other densely populated places.



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