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isce-solar pv station monitor and management system

1. features
real time monitoring and display of photovoltaic array environment monitoring
monitoring the operation status of photovoltaic array in different regions
abnormal information alert and alarm
power generation statistics and comparison by region
trend analysis of power generation and sunshine intensity, ambient temperature, wind speed, etc
windows style, online configuration platform
optional multiple communication networking modes to realize easy access of various intelligent devices in the area
flexible network architecture design to meet the needs of different scale photovoltaic power plants
hybrid cloud architecture, supporting data in place and cloud storage, browsing, etc
open protocol, supporting seamless access of different hardware
support customized function development to meet the personalized needs of customers
optional personalized app functions
2. system functions
online monitoring, statistical analysis, operation management, equipment management, environmental monitoring, auxiliary decision-making, etc.
3. application field
large photovoltaic power station system, small and medium photovoltaic power station system, distributed photovoltaic power station system, wind power station system, various micro grid systems, and other new energy power generation systems.



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