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isce3000 intelligent power transform and distribution monitoring system

1. system features
optional c / s or b / s architecture
hybrid cloud mode, supporting data in place and cloud storage, browsing, etc
online configuration design, windows style operation interface
support the programmed control function of one button switch cabinet
integrated monitoring platform for power transformation and distribution based on environment monitoring and video monitoring
power quality inspection and analysis
open system, supporting seamless access of different hardware
modular software design to support customized function development
electrical primary graphic design of national grid standard
optional personalized app functions
2. main functions
data collection, remote monitoring, remote control, report management, curve browsing, log query, statistical analysis, equipment management, abnormal alarm, etc
3. application field
industrial and mining enterprises intelligent power distribution monitoring, industrial park power distribution monitoring, data center power distribution monitoring, commercial complex power distribution monitoring, hotel office building hospital power distribution monitoring, unattended substation monitoring, power plant auxiliary power monitoring, transportation hub power distribution monitoring, etc.


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