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asce600 series three-phase power meter

1. overview
asce600 series three-phase intelligent power instrument products are widely used in power supply and distribution systems of various industries. they can flexibly select the combination measurement of current, voltage, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, active power, reactive power and other electrical parameters according to the demand, with strong expansion auxiliary functions, such as three-way switch input, two-way relay output, and communication function, etc 。 asc6500 uses high brightness red led digital tube display, intuitive, long life.

2. performance feature
asce600 series are applicable for 0.4kv voltage level;
high standard anti-jamming capability, advanced ac sampling and digital filtering technology;
ac 220v working power supply;
the combination of single electric parameter and multiple electric parameters makes the selection flexible;
high brightness red led digital tube display, all information can be obtained from the panel;
arbitrary setting of current and voltage ratio;
industrial grade special chip for electric degree measurement to ensure the accuracy of measurement;
it has overload alarm function suitable for fire protection system;
standardized external dimension (96 * 96mm) and wiring design of plug-in terminal block, convenient for installation and maintenance;
installation size 91mm x 91mm, depth 75mm;
comply with iec61000;

3. application field
low voltage switchgear, power cabinet, distribution box, etc
monitoring system of power transformation and distribution
comprehensive energy consumption management system
industrial automation system



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