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isce1000 intelligent switchgear control device

1. overview
isce1000 is a new generation of intelligent design for 3.6kv ~ 40.5kv switchgear. the product adopts large screen and high-definition touch screen, and integrates comprehensive functions such as mechanical characteristics monitoring of circuit breaker, switch status monitoring, wireless temperature measurement of touch arm busbar, intelligent error prevention, human body induction, control of electric chassis car and grounding switch, electric parameter measurement, remote control, etc. through the data exchange with the cloud expert diagnosis system, it can provide the functions of on-site circuit breaker and switch cabinet operation status diagnosis and life prediction results display.

2. functional features
collection and curve display of closing and opening speed of circuit breaker
circuit breaker closing and opening coil current collection and curve display
mechanical characteristic collection and curve display of circuit breaker
temperature monitoring and curve display of circuit breaker and switch cabinet
real time display of equipment operation health status analysis results
electric handcart control, electric knife control
real time status monitoring of switchgear
electric parameter acquisition of switch cabinet
real time video monitoring of circuit breaker room, bus room, cable room, etc
multiple data remote communication interfaces

3. application field
on line monitoring, comprehensive monitoring, programmed operation, remote operation and maintenance and life prediction of high-voltage switchgear, circuit breaker and other equipment in various switching stations (switching stations) such as power grid, industrial and mining enterprises, etc.



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