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asce700 series power meter

1. overview
asce700 series advanced power instrument, a kind of multi-functional intelligent power instrument with programmable measurement, display, rs485 digital communication, etc. asce700 can measure three-phase electric parameters (three-phase voltage, three-phase current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, frequency, etc.), four quadrant electric energy measurement, data display, collection and transmission. asce700 can be widely used in substation automation, distribution automation, intelligent building, power measurement, management and assessment within the enterprise. the measurement accuracy is level 0.2, lcd field display and remote rs-485 digital interface communication are realized, and standard modbus-rtu communication protocol is adopted.
asce700 series has a variety of extended functions to choose from: 2-way relay output (can be used as local electric parameter alarm or remote control output), 3-way switch input, etc.

2. features
high standard anti-interference capability, advanced ac sampling and digital filtering technology
high precision, high reliability, simple operation and cost saving
arbitrary setting of ct / pt ratio
high brightness large screen lcd
industrial grade special chip for electric metering is adopted to ensure the accuracy of electric metering
provide voltage and current harmonic analysis up to 31 times
adapt to various voltage levels and wiring modes
international standard modbus-rtu communication reduction
standardized external dimension and reasonable wiring design, scheme installation and maintenance
the appearance conforms to din 96 * 96 standard, and the shell depth is 75mm

3. application field
high and low voltage switchgear, power cabinet, etc
monitoring system of power transformation and distribution
comprehensive energy consumption management system
new energy monitoring and management system
data center management system
industrial automation system



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