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combined transformer for pv power generation

1. product introduction
the special combined transformer for pv power generation is the best matching product of photovoltaic power generation system, which converts the low-voltage (generally 270v, 315v, 540v) alternating current generated by solar energy through the inverter system into 35kv or 10kv through boosting and transforming voltage, and then converges into the main transformer of photovoltaic power station, and connects to the system grid through the main transformer to complete the photovoltaic power generation task.

2、 product features
◆ the main body adopts the structure of a common box type transformer, which combines high-voltage components such as high-voltage load switch, plug-in fuse, transformer body and non excitation tap changer in a sealed oil tank. the transformer oil is used as the insulation medium, with small volume and excellent performance.
◆ the integrated combined wind power substation is composed of high-voltage room, low-voltage room, oil tank and radiator. the high-voltage and low-voltage room and transformer are arranged in a "mesh" shape. a piece of radiator is installed on the side of the oil tank. the piece of radiator is composed of oil pipe and radiator in series, which is more suitable for the heat dissipation demand of high-power transformer. in order to prevent man-made damage, the heat sink with weak mechanical strength can be protected by the steel plate protective cover with hot holes.
◆ energy saving, its no-load loss and load loss are lower than that of similar products, to maximize the protection of the full use of solar energy.
◆ safe and reliable protection for personal safety. the box adopts anti-theft structure.
◆ high temperature resistance, strong overload operation capacity, small size, compact structure, safe and convenient, can be used for ring network terminal, convenient conversion.
◆ environmental protection, no need to filter and change oil in the service life, no pollution.

3. main technical parameters:


4. overall dimensions





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