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combined transformer for wind power generation

1. product introduction
the purpose of special transformer for wind power is to change the 690v power generated by wind turbine into 35kv through boosting, and then transmit it to booster station of wind farm through buried cable or overhead line. the combined transformer for wind power generation is a combination of step-up transformer body, switchgear, current limiting fuse, tap changer and corresponding auxiliary equipment. in view of the particularity of wind power generation, it provides users with an ideal solution, and is an ideal supporting step-up transformer power equipment for wind turbine.

2. product features
◆ adopt eye structure, which is composed of high-voltage incoming line interval, high-voltage operation interval, low-voltage outgoing line interval, transformer oil tank and other parts. a piece radiator is installed on the side of the oil tank. the piece radiator is composed of oil pipe and radiator in series, which is more suitable for the heat dissipation demand of high-power transformer. in order to prevent man-made damage, the heat sink with weak mechanical strength can be protected by the steel plate protective cover with hot holes.
◆ the high-voltage side adopts the high-voltage wall bushing incoming line, which is enclosed in a separate high-voltage incoming line interval, completely isolated from the high-voltage operation interval and low-voltage interval, so as to ensure the personal safety of the operators;
◆ the load switch and fuse are installed in the transformer room, and the insulating oil of the transformer is used as the insulation medium and heat dissipation medium, so the overall structure is compact and the heat dissipation performance is good.
◆ the transformer and the high-voltage components are placed in two independent boxes, which not only solves the problem of oil pollution to the transformer, but also realizes that the high-voltage components and the transformer can be overhauled separately.
◆ energy saving, its no-load loss and load loss are lower than similar products, and it can make full use of wind energy to the maximum extent;
◆ fully sealed, safe and reliable, the product adopts the new s11 / s13 / sh15 / 35kv series technology, with reasonable structure and high reliability;
◆ small size, compact structure, 1 / 3 of the common prefabricated substation, reducing the floor area;
◆ generally, the capacity of transformer is larger than that of wind turbine. because the fan adopts microcomputer technology, which realizes the self diagnosis function of fan, the safety protection measures are very perfect. when the fan is overloaded, it will automatically take speed limiting measures or stop running, which will not basically cause the transformer to run under load. therefore, the service life of transformer is longer than that of ordinary distribution transformer;
◆ the box body is treated with multi-layer paint, which has good anti-corrosion ability and can effectively prevent the erosion of wind and sand.

3. main technical parameters


4. overall dimension




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