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south china intelligent electrical technology co., ltd., formerly known as south china electric (xiamen) co., ltd., was renamed in october 2018. it is a modern innovative enterprise under china sce group specializing in r&d, manufacturing, integration and service of power distribution equipment technology and systematic and intelligent solutions under 110kv. it is committed to providing customers with intelligent, environmental protection, energy saving and efficient power distribution equipment and its systematic solution. south china intelligent electrical technology co., ltd., formerly known as quanzhou transformer manufacturing co., ltd., was founded in 1992. now the company headquarter is in xiamen, a coastal city in fujian province with beautiful environment and pleasant climate. it has certain location advantages in r & d and manufacturing industry of high-end medium and low voltage switchgear and human resources.

south china intelligent electrical technology co., ltd. consists of sce (quanzhou) co., ltd. and sce junbing electric co., ltd. with a total registered capital of 300 million hong kong dollars and an annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan. the company's main products include power and distribution transformers, complete sets of medium and low voltage switchgears, prefabricated substations, ring main units, indoor vacuum circuit breakers, intelligent components, intelligent power distribution system solutions, etc. the company has passed the certification of iso9001 quality management system, iso14001 environmental management system and ohsas18001 occupational health and safety management system, and carried out the whole process management of the company's business activities in strict accordance with the system. it is the recommended enterprise of the national rural and urban rural rural rural rural power grid transformation products, an important supplier of many grid companies under the jurisdiction of the state grid and china southern power grid, as well as an international famous manufacturer of transmission and distribution equipment supplier and important partner of abbge and siemens. the company has won many honorary titles such as national high-tech enterprise, "fujian famous trademark" and "fujian famous brand product".

south china intelligent electrical technology co., ltd. has a high-quality talent team and strong research and development ability. it has continuously launched a new generation of intelligent, environmental protection, energy saving and efficient power distribution equipment products and system solutions. at present, it has 50 product patents. at the same time of continuously innovating products, the company invested heavily in technology introduction and transformation, introduced the world's most advanced german heidrich full-automatic vacuum pouring equipment, georg shear line, german kuka robot cold metal transition welding workstation and japanese murata sheet metal processing three big pieces, updated foil winding machine, transformer microcomputer detection system, partial discharge detection, gas charging cabinet helium mass spectrometer leak detection system, noise tester, spray line and other key equipment. the transformer products produced by the company have passed the type test of the national transformer quality supervision and inspection center, the medium voltage switchgear has passed the type test of the national high voltage electrical quality supervision and inspection center, the low-voltage complete products have passed the national compulsory 3c certification, and the dry-type transformer has passed the kema certification in the netherlands.

the company's products are exported to domestic and foreign markets, and are used in shanghai world expo, beijing financial street, general hospital, erpao army, shanghai pudong new area, tianjin binhai new area, xiamen port and other users, and even exported to australia, southeast asia, turkey, cuba, south africa and other parts of the world, involving the military, airports, mines, railways, oil fields, tunnels, expressways, all kinds of development transformation of power plants, urban and rural power grids.

south china intelligent electrical technology co., ltd. shoulders the enterprise mission of "connecting intelligent energy, creating a happy life together", adheres to the enterprise spirit of "no need to whip and work hard", constantly improves and innovates, and wholeheartedly provides safe and intelligent power equipment and one-stop system solution of power distribution for large customers with strong enterprise strength, excellent production and research capacity and perfect after-sales service.



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